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6 friends find Internet stardom when they make “Truth or Dare” videos with violent twists. It’s all fun and games until their number one fan decides he wants to play…


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Examiner : “ Her amazing directorial debut is monumental.”

blood splatter Horror Asylum: “Truth Or Dare is brilliantly unpleasant and unashamedly cringe-inducing in pushing the limits of viewer acceptance.”

blood splatterHorror Central: “In conclusion I’d like to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone involved with Truth or Dare, as you’ve all accomplished something I didn’t think was possible….Making THIS horror fanatic cringe on several occasions.”

blood splatterCinema Chords: “ Featuring some truly twisted dares and enough gore to make Hostel look like a saturday television programme, Cameron spares nothing and no one as she crafts a thriller that accelerates in ferocity leaving her audience speechless.” blood splatterUK Horror Scene: “Cameron, along with the Soska twins again are showing the horror genre that female directors are certainly just as equal as there male counterparts, and it’s to her credit that she has managed to make a film, that I found graphic and unsettling, yet also intelligent and smart.” blood splatterNerdly: “There are some seriously brutal gore sequences in this film that push the boundaries of acceptability – even for an “extreme” horror film ” blood splatterBlog & Guts: “Truth Or Dare refuses to let the audience turn away, and cranks the brutality to 11, through the use of some amazing practical effects, and great make-up by Carrie Mercado.” blood splatterScary Business Entertainment: “The death scenes are amazing in this film, and Jessica Cameron and Jonathan Scott Higgins’ vision tests the capacity of the viewer.”

blood splatterThis is Infamous: “This is NOT a film for the weak stomached. In fact, they handed out “barf bags” at the screenings, which was more than just a publicity gag.”

blood splatter The Children of Samhain: “one scene in particular was so intensely graphic and violent, that at it’s conclusion, I had to step out of the theater and splash a little cold water on my face.”

blood splatter Horror Society: “Dare I say it, but Cameron’s ability as a director is far more revolting and masterful than directors who have been in the game much, much longer.”

blood splatter

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