Our Film:

“Truth or Dare” is a gritty and terrifying new horror film that is guaranteed to shock and make audiences gasp. This is a movie made by horror fans, for horror fans. This will be the directorial debut of Scream Queen Jessica Cameron who will be starring in and producing which she also co-wrote with writer Jonathan Higgins.Many major press outlets are already on board, having been featured in over 100 articles already. Now is the time for you to join our team.
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Our Goal:

You can preorder our film for only $25 to get it FIRST. That’s right, you can be the first to own a copy of the most disturbing film of all time before everyone else. The DVD’s and Blu-rays won’t be available until after the festival run and then we are going to send them out to all of our fans who preordered (please note – this will be after the distribution deal). But if you preorder your copy here, you will be able to get the film without having to wait!

After all, we made this film for you, the fans.

There is also some other cool schwag!

We have some goodies lined up for you for supporting our project.

Please browse the perks below and once you found one you like, scroll to the top of the page and click the Paypal “Donate” button with the corresponding dollar amount.

PLEASE NOTE: for orders outside of the United States – please include an extra $5 to cover the extra shipping expenses.

ADDITIONALLY: for all perks of $100 or more, please specify in your PayPal payment if you would like a DVD or a Blu-ray. If not specified, a DVD will be sent as default.

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